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Easter Bunny Basket - Art Tutorial

Happy Easter Everyone! I'm sure it probably seems a little off that it's the Holiday and we're still stuck inside, but why not make it a little fun for the little ones with this super creative Easter project. The best part about it, is that we get to decorate Easter Eggs and not have to mess with boiling real eggs or getting dye everywhere! ( I mean that part is fun too, who am I kidding, but at least we can do both now).

So let's get creative! All of the supplies needed to make this project are things you'll have at home. If you don't have something that's used, then improvise with what you have and have fun!

Supplies Needed:

4 sheets of Mixed Media paper, all the same size (Construction paper will work as well)


Markers: (Brown, Black, Pink) Then whatever colors you want for decorating

Watercolors: (Blue, green for background) (assorted for egg designs)

Brown crayon or colored pencil

Glue Stick

Water and paint brush (1''brush)



1. Set aside 2 sheets of paper for later use. On the first sheet of paper we will make our background that the basket sits on. For this we just want a simple blue sky and green bottom for grass. Using the 1'' brush in blue, start making horizontal strokes across the top section of the page and work your way down to 1/3 of the page. After cleaning the brush, apply green to the remaining paper using the same technique. Once this is dry, you can add grass with a marker using little notches throughout. When the background is complete set aside.

2. For the second sheet we want to get creative. This is the page that we will be cutting our Easter Eggs out of, but first we must paint it! The goal is to add color throughout the page in whichever way you want. I suggest you experiment with brushing on one color and then adding another to contrast right on top. Remember, this is water color, and colors will run into one another. Don't worry if they start to melt into each other, but we don't want it to be all one color. Have fun with making this an abstract page. Once you're satisfied with the way it looks set aside to dry, or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. (Side note: If you really want something funky, while you're drying the piece, tilt it a little so it drips down to give it a drippy effect). If you don't have paint on hand you can always cut out egg shapes from magazine paper, scrapbook paper and anything you have on hand.

3. Once your abstract page is dry we can start making designs. Using markers, we will begin to make designs going horizontally down the page. For instance, if you choose to do one straight line, then start from the left or right side and go all the way to the other side. Below you can see an assortment of designs going down the page that you can use for reference, but any designs will work.

4. Now that you have completed the designs, go ahead and flip it over to the white side. This is where we will be drawing our Easter eggs. I decided to do 9 eggs, 3 rows of 3. You can use a pencil for this step so that if you want to re-design your shapes then you can. Once you have your stencil of the eggs go ahead and cut them out using the shapes you've created. Set aside after they're cut out.

5. Grab the other two blank pages to get ready for our drawings. One we will be using for the Easter Bunny, and the other will be for the basket.

6. Easter Bunny: Using the bottom half of the page, draw a half circle about 3 inches wide for the head. Once the half circle is complete start on the ears. Position the left ear a little off center and go up about 4 inches and then round the edge and come back down to the head. To get the curl on the right ear, you will start the same way, but this time make your angle wider. After making the second ear add details to inside of ear, eyes, and nose. I also added little circles for cheeks and some whiskers. Using the same half circle method, cut out the bunny and two paws and set aside.

7. Basket: Using the bottom of the page as a reference point, draw a half circle (smiley face) about 8 inches wide. Then a line connecting the two ends. This will be the bottom of the basket. Going 1'' inch down draw a horizontal line, and then make diagonal strips across to the other side. To make the basket weave pattern, draw about 4 horizontal lines going down the basket, and then vertical lines in-between (brick lay). Once you have the brick lay, alternate between horizontal and vertical lines in each box, this will give the look of the basket weave.

For the handle, you can draw a 1'' inch strip connecting to both sides of the basket. Once the drawing is complete, outline with a brown marker, and then color in brown with a crayon, or colored pencil, and then cut out. Make sure when cutting that you cut the basket in two parts, one being the bottom and the other being the handle.

8. Now that all the components are complete, we can start assembly. The first two things we will need are the background, and the bottom basket. Take the bottom part of the basket and line it up with the bottom part of the background (Grass section) and apply it with the glue stick. See below for reference.

9. Once the basket is in place you can start piecing the rest together. Try setting it all up before gluing all the eggs and bunny in place so you can arrange it to your liking. Once you like the placement, take a picture so you remember it, and start gluing!

I took two eggs and put them on either side of the basket first. This helps to hide the handle of the basket and bring it up a little so you can fit all the eggs inside. Once you have the two eggs on either side you can slide the handle underneath and glue it down. I added a total of 7 eggs to the basket and then the bunny in the middle, using the top edge of the basket. After the head is place you can glue the paws on each side. Next add the last two eggs to the grass on the bottom so it looks like they're leaning against the basket.

10. For the ribbon, choose a color that will stand out against the background. I did two rounded triangles on their side with a rounded square in the middle. Add some swirling ribbons coming out of the bottom and then some wrapping around the basket handle. I used a marker since it was bold but a crayon would work just fine.

11. For the last step I cut around the edges of the paper to give it a more egg-like shape, and that's it, you're done!

I hope all of you have fun creating this piece and celebrating Easter this year. I'd love to hear or see how yours came out so please comment and share if you can! As always, it's been a pleasure and take care of yourselves! xoxox - Brooke

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