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Cactus Collage - Art Tutorial

Here's another fun and easy project for you and the kiddos! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the last tutorial Spring Fox! The pictures everyone sent of their little one's finished projects made my day, and I'm so glad I can help keep them busy and creative. It means the world to me to be able to share this with you all, and contribute to some quality family fun time.

For this next project I tried to stay in the same line with using on hand crafting items you may have around the house. Scrap booking paper is what I had on hand to make the cactus, but magazines or colored construction paper are a great substitute! This project incorporates painting,collage,and markers, making this piece Mixed Media!

Below is the video for you to watch and follow along. I have also written out step by step instructions and the material list underneath the video. I hope everyone has some fun and gets creative doing this one!


One piece of heavy stock paper. (Watercolor, mixed media or construction)

Scrap book paper (Colored construction paper, or paint a blank sheet of paper!)


Glue stick (any glue will work fine, just try not to saturate too much)



Paint Brush - 1inch

Paint (Turquoise and blue) If you don't have turquoise you can mix 2 parts green, 1 part blue together and then lighten the color up with white until desired shade is achieved.


1. Start by painting the background of the white paper. Using turquoise, load up the brush with water and a little color. (We want to make a wash so not much paint is needed) Begin horizontal strokes across the entire page going from top to bottom. Once you get down 2/3 of the way, clean off the brush and apply blue. Start the blue from the very bottom and work your way up to the top blending as you go.

2. Set aside painting to dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

3. Start cutting out the cactus shapes on your colored paper. Pick and choose which papers you want to use, whether it's magazine paper or something you made, cut the shapes out and configure them the way you want. Remember, this is just a template, you're the one creating the art so make whatever size cactus you want! Below is a template of the shapes I used for reference.

You can also trace a shape and cut out the shape for them.

4. Once you have the shapes of the cactus cut out, go ahead and glue them together where the edges meet. You will need to overlap them a little bit to allow them to stick together.

5. Before attaching the cactus to the background, go ahead and make any little details you'd like. I did this two ways on the video

A. Draw lines vertically down the cactus and add your own cactus spikes with pen or marker.

B. Cut strips of paper and glue them vertically along the cactus, cutting off any excess that hangs off.

Once all the details for the body of the cactus are finished you can glue them to the completed background. Make sure to line the bottom of the cactus flush to the bottom of the page.

6. After the cactus are now glued to the background you can make little details along the edges of each cactus. Add some needles/spikes to the sides of the cactus and alternate directions. To make the flowers, using a marker just add some scribbles in the shape of a pine tree on each one and color in. Alternate colors for a contrast, and get creative!

7. Once you're finished with detailing the cactus and adding the flowers, now you can begin to shape the page by cutting the top half into a half circle. As you can see in the video I started cutting at an angle halfway up the page and then meeting the other side the same way.

8. For the last step, we will use a black marker (Or whatever color you choose) and trace the shape of the sides 1/2'' from the cut line. This will make the border. Once the border is complete connect the two edges with short lines going all around to the other side.

9. You're done! Sign your work and I hope you all had fun while making this!

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