Mixed Media allows us to create freely, using several mediums to complete a composition. This class allows you to have creative fun with watercolors, ink, pastels, and other forms of drawing media. Enjoy the wonderful world of Mixed media and incorporate lovely flowers into gorgeous pieces of art!



Mixed Media Botanicals

This class combines the beautiful world of watercolors and the delicate nature of botanicals.

We'll go through the steps to creating a simple composition on watercolor paper, using materials and techniques only found in mixed media art.

By using a limited color palette you will be able to focus on the movement and free flowing art of watercolors while adding detail with precise mark making.

This class will help you work in steps and focus on one thing at a time while trying your hand in several mediums.




Mixed Media art doesn't have to make you nervous. It can be really relaxing playing with different mediums to create a composition.

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