Have you ever wanted to try your hand at watercolors but you don't know where to start? Are you looking for a creative way to express yourself? Do you need artistic inspiration? If you answered yes then this class is perfect for you! In this self-paced class we will explore watercolors, mark making, and botanical drawings into an overall composition.



Lets spark some creativity!

In this class we will explore Mixed Media using watercolors intuitively in a way that sparks creativity and ideas.

By giving yourself permission to create freely while following along with my video you'll be able to see just how fun watercolors and mixed media can be.

We will start off by creating color palettes with a limited selection of paint. This allows you to focus on one set of colors, and then darkening or lighting the colors to set different tones as you go along.

Next we will use mark making to add depth and texture to the piece to really make things POP!

Lastly, I will guide you through the process of adding botanical and floral elements to your piece to tie everything together within the composition.

This class is a step-by-step course that will allow you to think about other ideas for inspiration. So grab your cup of tea or glass of wine and let's have some creative fun!





Join me in this fun and creative class and explore the wonderful world of Mixed Media Watercolor

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