I N D I G O  W I L D F L O W E R S

For this collection I thought of the times I spent sitting on my Grandmother's balcony surrounded by her many flowers. Those memories are full of times spent talking the day away with her, laughing, crying and just enjoying each other's company. They were, and always will be some of my favorite memories with her.

Within this collection I have foraged local native wildflowers to Oklahoma while also incorporating flowers that my Grandmother had on her balcony in New Jersey.


My hope for this series and within each piece, is that it invokes those beautiful memories you've shared with someone you love. The special moments in life that you will always cherish looking back on, and for a brief moment relive in that joy and comfort again.

FullCircle Interior.JPG
Natural Botanicals.png

N A T U R A L  B O T A N I C A L S

Natural Botanicals was born out of my love for florals and mark making. Each piece in this collection carries an enormous amount of love and detail paired with beautiful earthy tones to help ground the viewer.

Utilizing Mixed Media and Earth Pigments each piece is delicately worked on birch panels to add to the natural beauty of the floral selection.